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Who we are

Michael Corlett


Michael Corlett has been working in the fishing industry - diving, processing, and marketing pāua - for more than 40 years.

Owen Fairbrother


Owen and Michael have worked together in the fishing industry, firstly as divers and latterly as business owners, over the same four decades. Owen takes great pride in a high standard of management and product quality at Amoa Seafoods, and is very well respected in the wider fishing sector.

Andy Stroombergen


Andy is a retired butcher, who ran his own butcheries for more than two decades before establishing one of the first commercial meat market trucks in New Zealand. His knowledge of production plant and food processing, safety, and handling is invaluable in the daily operation of the Amoa Seafoods factory.

Nathan Crombie

Office Manager

Nathan has worked intermittently as a labourer in pāua processing over the past two decades. He comes to Amoa after also working on the cooling floor at the now defunct Waingawa Freezing Works, and in railway goods administration in Wairarapa; though for the greater part he has worked as a career photo-journalist, filing stories for numerous daily publications and online news sites, including the Wairarapa Times-Age, the New Zealand Herald, and the Herald on Sunday.

Che Duffin

Factory Manager

Che has been employed in the seafood sector for two decades, honing his expertise in the management of factories and packhouses in Hokitika, Bluff and the Chatham Islands, after starting out as a factory hand and coming up through the ranks. His career journey so far has given him a very close working knowledge of the compliance requirements and quality demands of the industry

Colin Mclaren

Floor Manager

Colin is in control of all processing work stations at Amoa Seafoods and has extensive experience as a lead chef, and in supervisory management roles at worksites across a range of industries, including plastics production and demolition.

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