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Our Process

Our Process

Staff at Amoa Seafoods have an everyday primary focus on the premium quality of our product and processing.

We operate according to strict international standards demanded by our export packhouse license, with our staff expertly compliant in the safe and hygenic handling, processing, and packaging of our products from landing to despatch.

Pāua is the main fish species processed through our Masterton factory, which boasts multiple chiller and freezer units operating onsite, including a blast freezing facility, and state-of-the-art digital temperature control and monitoring systems, and our own fleet of refrigerated trucks for time critical delivery demands.

Our selection of processed seafood, which is landed fresh and live, includes pāua meat in a range of packaging options from chilled or frozen cartons to individually vacuum-packed, whole, or minced; pāua off-cuts, also known as the skirt; and pāua variety meats, also known as the hua, are also available chilled, frozen, or further processed as required.

A significant portion of the pāua meat and shell that we process is exported, although Amoa also offers blast frozen offcuts and premium pāua patties for domestic markets.

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