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Fresh Chilled and Frozen Pāua

Layered free flow chilled pāua meat and Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) pāua meat and whole pāua, packed in cartons or boxes across a range of weights from 10kg to 20kg, or as required.


Fresh Chilled and Frozen Minced Pāua

We mince our pāua in grades from fine to coarse, depending on client specifications. Prices vary accordingly. To order please see our contact page to advise quantities and degree of mincing.


Pāua Off-cuts and Variety Meats

We provide off-cuts, also known as skirt, according to your requirements. The off-cuts may be prepared for the plate in a variety of ways including as minced fillings for pies, patties, pates, or as flavouring. The variety meat, also known as hua, is also used as an irresistible feed for eels or as bait for fish.



We provide a service for the supply of pāua shell to MPI standards. We supply both national and international markets, with the shell cleaned and spiral packed dry.


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